Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Surprises: Oh In Hye (오인혜) Busan International Film Festival

O_O what the.... nice!

I consider myself to be someone who is rarely amazed or surprised by fashion statements, but I seem to have become some kind of prude when it comes to fashion from South Korea.

I expect outfits to be modest, possibly edgy, but usually not that revealing. In comes actress, Oh In Hye (오인혜) and her gorgeous dress from the Busan International Film Festival in October 2011.  It left me amused, speechless and thoroughly entertained.

This dress clearly says, "I'm a grown ass woman. I wear whatever the hell I want." It's clear that she's hot, and she knows it. Love it.  I even love that her left boob is slightly larger than her right boob. No idea if she's had a boob job, but if she has, it looks great.

cr: http://thegrandnarrative.files.wordpress.com
The dress in action.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can I Get It? 2NE1 NYC Style

2NE1 is in NYC for their performance in Times Square tomorrow as MTV Iggy's Best New Band of 2011! (Go BlackJacks!)

cr: MTV Iggy
Best way to describe 2NE1's style is rebellious!

cr: 다라's me2day; as seen on: americankpopfans.com
I saw 다라's (Sandara Park) adidas jacket earlier on her me2day this afternoon and saw it again when @AKPF posted a picture of it. I WANT THAT JACKET!

The jacket is from the line Adidas Originals By Jeremy Scott.  Many K-pop fans know Jeremy Scott as the designer behind the edgy looks worn by tons of YG Family artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1.

And we can all get this reversible (even cooler) bomber jacket, for a cool 293USD here (or for UK buyers, go here 229GBP, and international buyers, go here, but the jacket is more expensive at 375USD).

다라 is wearing the side with the tag on the outside.  It even has faux gunshot images on the exterior. Very rebellious!

fluorescent blue and orange bomber jacket from adidas originals by jeremy scott featuring, a ribbed stand up collar, cuffs and waist, a front zip fastening, two flap pockets at the front, a zipped pocket on the sleeve and the adidas logo on the back. the jacket is reversible with mock gunshot patches on the orange side. 
item id : 10131158
composition : polyester: 100%
washing instructions: dry clean only
 (cr: Far Fetch for the images and the description of the jacket)

Enjoy this short clip of 2NE1 talking about their excitement about their MTV Iggy win!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BIGBANG: Just Hawt!

There are no words to describe how James Bond 007 hot a man can be when he is wearing a suit. So I'll let the picture below of BIGBANG from the recent YG Family concert promos speak for itself...

My only tip for getting a great suit that fits: Get yourself a great tailor. No suit off any rack will fit you like a dream. Plan to get your suit fitted for your holiday parties this season if you plan to turn any heads or take anyone home with you! Happy holidays fellas...

(as seen on americankpopfans.com)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

[Ep 2 Studio C] 내 인생을 제기랄 with 4Minute

I was feeling a little emo today... I cry maybe three times a year, if that, and I totally cried today. WTF. Ugh. Please don't laugh. It's pretty rare for me.  Anyways... (Yes, English police, the "s" at the end of that was f*ing intentional! Give me a damn break... Please don't judge me today, I'm seriously on edge '>.>) I decided I was going to look for something to cheer myself up and thankfully I found this past Sunday's episode of Studio C!

In this episode, Gayun and Sohyeon of 4Minute (the group which includes the racy youngin HyunA) were in-studio special guests. Side note: looks like Zico's name is now permanently "monkey boy Zico"...trollol!  Also props on the improvements on the English subs!  I only found a handful of grammatical and spelling errors in this episode.  So proud! The guys are dressed a bit more casually in this episode, which is fits the model of their "laid-back & ridiculously funny" MCs concept.

During the intro, the Sangchu, Shorry J and Zico talk about their bad habits, and the funniest part to me was when Sangchu said his bad habit is getting girls' numbers.  LMAO! I don't think that's considered a bad habit, but it's funny to hear them talk about it.

OMG, I felt so sad when they mentioned one of their viewers felt as though her life was over and the viewer is only 17 years old. She is still in high school for crying out loud.  My biggest concern in high school was who I was going to take me to homecoming and how in the world my incredibly tall varsity basketball playing boyfriend was dating me and not some hot cheerleader.  (Yea, I know. Not very profound...) I really hope the viewer was just joking, because that statement: 내 인생을 제기랄 (rom: nae insaeng-eul jegilal || eng: damn my life) is super pessimistic!  Even the guys were trying to give her words of encouragement (in the midst of all their sillyness).

It's so funny how male K-pop idols get pumped up by two things, without fail: food and girls.  These guys act like they've never hung out with any girls before! And what is with Korea's love for LMFAO? Everybody is shufflin' in Korea now apparently, or drinking shots... haha...At this point the ladies of 4Minute Gayun and Sohyeon are dying of laughter are dying of laughter AND Zico's used a bad word that had to be bleeped... #AnotherReasonToLoveHim Idk why but everytime Sangchu says "Don't be shy" I start laughing... His English is precious.

And for some reason, Sangchu's laugh reminds me of MBLAQ leader Seungho's laugh... #TheGrownAssManLaughIsAwesome

Enjoy the last two parts of Episode 2....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worthy of posting? Me on CCTV-9

Well, I'm posting it anyway! OMG...

During the New York Film Festival a few weeks ago (wrote a report about the event here), I was interviewed by the crew and cast of World Film Report, and the episode with my brief interview aired a few days ago on CCTV-9... O_O

This is a link to the video, and I show up at around the 9th minute.

This is huge.

[New Show Review] Studio C: Big Bang and Zico at the EMAs

So... y'all may already know that I have a soft spot for rappers, and since SBS & MTV (and Cyworld?) have started a funny TV/radio show starring Might Mouth's SangChu and Shorry J, along with Block B's Zico, I think I've found my new addiction: Studio C. The new show airs on SBS every Sunday at noon KST (and they have a Twitter account: @Studio_c_twit)!

If you don't know Zico already, well ya should...

Just saw the first episode today, which follows Zico's visit to Belfast for the EMAs and Big Bang's huge win in the Worldwide Act category, and I didn't expect too much from Studio C, but these guys are actually really funny together.  AND because the Studio C episodes are intended for a global audience, they are fully subbed in English! :O Revolutionary stuff... (Plus their coordi noonas are awesome.  Their suits were a little tight, but damn, I prefer that to super baggy - at least on screen ^.^)

Since Studio C is a new show, they are eager to connect with fans and have a page on Cyworld where you can ask them questions live during the show.  Wait... Did SBS and MTV fall and bump their corporate heads? How can they let these three (talented) lunatics talk to fans in real time?  Studio heads should know these three can't keep their crazy ass energy under control. I guess that means more fun for the rest of us... ^.^

[Sidenote: Dear Cyworld, if you need English editors, please get in touch with native English speakers ASAP. Your grammatical and spelling errors are egregious and embarrassing. Seriously.  Fans will correct your mistakes for free, so please get in touch.]

For the record, I hope Studio C is a huge hit! (With Sangchu calling Shorry J "ladies first" and Zico "monkey boy," I think they have something great on their hands. Lolz.)

Enjoy the first episode below... (The one thing they might be missing is a live studio audience... )

Um... I agree with Shorry J, SangChu should keep his shades on at all times!

And I don't think Zico is lying about not having a girlfriend... He has *many* girlfriends! Haha... Boys will be badasses... Btw, this looks like the most fun norebang session ever! Imagine if they had alcohol O_O Oh.Em.Gee! I need some soju and norebang in my life right now....

LOL... Mighty Mouth's jealousy over VJ Supasize and Zico's trip to Belfast and the EMAs is soooo funny! I love that this clip includes Supasize and Zico talking to fans on the streets of Belfast! Cute...

Finally, the Big Bang red carpet interview... According to Taeyang, their fashion concept is "Big Bang" - I definitely see it. Not too coordinated, which is awesome.  Each guy has his own swagger... (Seungri was so happy to meet people speaking Korean, haha!)  It's still awesome to watch Big Bang win the EMA for Worldwide Act... Forever awesome.

Now, the Big Bang backstage interview... Katy Perry is really getting an education in K-Pop this year. First in NYC when SMTown Live was here.  I see collabs in her future.

I love the end when Sangchu announces next week's guest will be none other than the bitches of 4Minute! Their faces light up, as expected. After today's release of Troublemaker with 4Minute's HyunA and BEAST's Hyunseung, the guys have a lot to look forward to!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[MAMAs] Favorites, Awards and Shenanigans

The MAMAs are over! (And I slept right through them O_O... I have no words to express how... WELL RESTED I am!)

It seems I missed a lot of shenanigans, but I love how the YouTube family always keeps me informed (credits to the uploaders/recorders/creators of each YouTube video posted below). There are tons of MAMA videos up already.

First, the most talented group from 2011, Aziatix... looking dapper (so proud of these guys!)  Cleaned up nicely fellas...

And their talent is not to be ignored...

I saw their concert in NYC live and they are super talented - Here's a clip of Flowsik killing a cover of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now"... *Bows*

At the MAMAs, Aziatix won an award for Best New Asian Artist Group!  Loved their speech... Thanking God, their families and Aziaddicts!  2011 has been a great year for Aziatix and Aziaddicts!!

If you don't already love them, you should!

BEAST was a beast... Their performance was orgasmic. So good. I can't even express how good they were, so just take a look and judge for yourself (the clip includes a teaser performance by 4Minute's Hyuna and Beast's Hyunseung of their sub-group Troublemaker). The trolls are already gathering on YouTube...

Big congrats to BEAST on their award for Best Dance Performance (Male Group)! 

They were definitely best dressed with their cute bow ties, velvet tuxes... nice! I can't emphasize enough how important the fit (especially lengthwise) of their pants were to completing this outfit.  The jackets were tailored so well... They looked perfect in every picture.  No critique from me.  I'll even forgive that they were a bit too coordinated... ^.^

Super Junior will always have a special place in my heart...

And they took home three awards ^.^! Yay...

1. Album of the Year (Mr. Simple)

(English version)

2. Best Male Group

3. Singapore Choice Award

Their 100 men performance was certainly something, but they weren't as crisp as they usually are... :x

Also congrats to 2NE1 Best Group Vocal Performance and Song of the Year! You ladies make me proud to be a fierce-take-shit-from-nobody chick... See you in NYC!

1. Best Vocal Performance (Group)
2. Song of the Year

Complete list of winners (cr: JPopAsia.com)
Album of the Year
Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Artist of the Year
Girls' Generation

Song of the Year
2NE1 - I Am The Best

Best Music Video
Big Bang - Tonight

Best OST Song
Baek Ji Young - That Woman

Best Vocal Performance (Group)
2NE1 "Lonely"

Best Vocal Performance (Solo)

Best Rap Performance

Best Band Performance

Best New Female Artist
A Pink

Best New Male Artist
Huh Gak

Best Male Group
Super Junior

Best Male Artist
Kim Hyun Joong

Best Female Group
Girls' Generation

Best Female Artist
Baek Ji Young

Best Dance Performance (Female Group)
miss A

Best Dance Performance (Male Group)

Best Dance Solo Performance
4minute's Hyuna

Best Style In Music
Seo In Young

Best Artist: China
Jang Zhang

Best New Asian Artist

Hottest Asian Artist: Japan
Koda Kumi

Best Asian Solo Artist: China
Wei Chen

Specialized Award

Singapore's Choice
Super Junior

Congrats to everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2011

MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) - Watch it Live!

At 5am Eastern Time, I'll be getting up to watch the MNet Asian Music Awards, along with other crazy K-Pop fans from around the world thanks to MNet's live stream.  If you want to join this awesome watch party, RSVP and watch here!

The YG family has won so many awards toward the end of 2011, and I suspect they won't be disappointed at MAMA.

My prediction for best dressed group male is Big Bang, best dressed group female is 2NE1, and my prediction for best performance is Super Junior - I heard they have 100 backup dancers O_O!

I'm so looking forward to seeing it all play out.

2NE1 for WWD Japan

The ladies of 2NE1 graced the cover of the popular Japanese fashion magazine WWD Japan. They were dressed in exquisite clothing by French brand Balmain.

The pieces worn during the shoot ran over a whopping 25,000,000 yen.(307 million won; 322,872 USD). The shoot was done back in October in Tokyo.

Personally, I think they look fierce and powerful, just like their music style. 축하해(Chukahae; Congrats), Girls!

Soul behind the Story


 My name is Angelica, but I'm hiding under the name hephap_hipster. My friends call me Mi Cha and the people who have known me for a while call me Geli. I'm a 16 year old Black/Dominican high school honor/AP student with the DEEP love for Kpop. My favorite artists in Korea are 2NE1, Teen Top, Infinite, Block B, 10cm, Epik High, and Dynamic Duo. I became a fan in September 2010, when a friend showed me SHINee's video for "Lucifer. 
  Other than music, My 2nd love is fashion. When I was in 3rd grade, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. After years of memorizing as many designer names and styles, I took my first class....Let's just say cutting and sewing wasn't for me. Although I can't construct a beautiful gown, I have a good eye for putting pieces together. 
 My dream is to become a kpop idol (don't laugh >_<), but there hasn't been days where I shake my head in sorrow as I spot outfits that the coordis should thought twice about. So I'm here with Jay unni, writing about the latest fashion news within kpop and kdramas that I see (which is A LOT).
My favorite drama at the moment is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and the first drama I saw was Boys over Flowers.
 well, 잘 부탁드립니다! (jal bu-tak-deu-rim-ni-da; Please take care of me ) 

Monday, November 21, 2011

CIGI: JYJ's Outdooring Look

So I posted a video of JYJ's photoshoot for ELLE Magazine... The guys looked very masculine and camping ready in their chunky knits.  They actually look a bit older in these pictures and their boyish appearance seems to be long gone. Yay to manhood!

Some of you may be wondering "Can I Get It?" For a reasonable price, you can get the lumberjack look from stores like: L.L.Bean, Abercrombie & Fitch and my personal favorites, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren.  If you're a guy, think of the list below as your Christmas wishlist and if you're shopping for a guy this Christmas, please purchase from the stores mentioned below instead of knitting a sweater on your own (ahjumma)!

Irish Fisherman's Sweater, Button-Mock
Irish Fisherman Sweater retails for 149USD 

Abercrombie & Fitch
Wallface Mountain
Wallface Mountain for 250USD, and the A&F skinny jeans which retail for 120USD

The A&F Skinny Selvedge

J. Crew

Somehow, J. Crew manages to make a potentially horrific holiday sweater look manly:

Lambswool Fair Isle sweater in navy
I have no idea how they do this! But in lambswool and at 98USD, this sweater is a great buy for the fall and winter.

For something a bit more casual, but still trendy from the J. Crew collection, this hooded cashmere sweater may be just the ticket (298USD).

Cashmere hoodie

For a slightly more mature casual look try this shawl neck sweater at 148USD:

Lambswool dotted shawl-collar cardigan

And for those looking for a more affordable price tag, the lambswool shawl neck sweater below at 72.50USD may be perfect

Lambswool shawl-collar sweater

This fall/winter, I visualize myself hugging someone wearing a nice warm sweater... *snuggle*

JYJ Go Outdooring For ELLE

JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, with Song Jihyo (from Running Man and JYJ's "In Heaven" MV) and Park Yoohwa (Yoochun's brother) had a photoshoot for ELLE magazine's December issue.

This video shows some clips of their fall fashion.  Everyone showcases the trend of wearing really thick sweaters and chunky knits with sleek pants (skinny jeans) and boots.  Seems dark hair might be a favorite for the fall as well (except for Junsu's cute copper hue).  I get a lumberjack/lumberjane feel from the outfits, and thankfully a lot of masculine energy from the guys in the shoot.

Special thanks to JYJ3 and AKPF for spreading the word about the shoot!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vivian Hsu and Han Geng at the New York Chinese Film Festival 2011: Great Fashion and Film!

*Please credit www.k-chic.com, if you reblog/repost and credit all pictures as captioned.

On Friday, November 11, 2011, the New York Chinese Film Festival concluded in New York City with an Awards Reception Ceremony at the stately Capitale NY.  The NYCFF, co-organized by the CCTV Movie Channel and the Chinese American Arts Council, was held from November 8-11 and included limited screenings of several Chinese blockbusters, including Sleepless Fashion with Vivian Hsu (who received "The Most Outstanding Asian Artists Award") and My Kindom with Han Geng (who received "The Most Popular Asian Artist Award").

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo
As the New York Correspondent for AmericanKPopFans.com, I attended the NYCFF to interview Han Geng. For more on Han Geng's one-on-one interview with me, follow @AKPF and visit AmericanKPopFans.com.  AKPF will be posting exclusive pictures, video and interview details from my conversation with Han Geng (including our conversation in English over dinner).  Many thanks to Jennie, an AKPFer, who took so many of the pictures at the Awards Reception Ceremony.

As a fashionista, I adored Vivian Hsu's attire and her personality.  She was definitely best-dressed female.  She is animated, laid-back and gorgeous!

During her meeting with her fans, she wore a dress by a Japanese designer and YSL pumps in bronze. And she looked flawless.

Maggie, Vivian Hsu, fans
cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

Maggie, Vivian Hsu, Belle
cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

Because her fans had been waiting to see her for several hours, she took a picture with each person, without reservation.  Her team, including Belle, were very professional and I was so impressed.

At the Awards Reception Ceremony, Vivian stunned us all again in a gorgeous one shoulder David Meister floor length gown.


She won "The Most Outstanding Asian Artists Award" at the NYCFF.


As we spoke, she mentioned that she really enjoyed spending some time in New York this week and arrived a few days before the NYCFF to avoid jetlag.  Arriving early also gave her a chance to watch Spider Man on Broadway! She mentioned that she discovered that the best way to watch Spider Man on Broadway was to sit at the balcony because Spider Man flies so close to you in many scenes.

She looked absolutely gorgeous and sent a message to her fans!

She currently has a number of movies in production, including her first comedy, and she is hopeful to work on more action movies in the future!

I also had a chance to speak with Han Geng's boss, an executive who runs a conglomerate which includes movie sponsorship and music competitions.  She was very gracious and spoke highly of Han Geng.  Her company ran a show called "Super Girl" which was similar to American Idol in 2005-2006.



Han Geng wearing custom made apparel from his own label (I'd love to buy from his exclusive collection...)
cr: @AKPF and www.americankpopfans.com
Han Geng and one of his best friends, Sun Le
cr: @AKPF and www.americankpopfans.com
*     *     *    *

Special thanks to AKPF founders Kristin and Kim for trusting me and Jennie an AKPFer who took so many of the NYCFF pictures.  Kim, Kristin and Jennie, I'm taking you out for Norebang and BBQ on me, when next you're in NYC.  I love you, ladies!  K&K, your K-Pop Masters coverage is going to be epic!!

I am forever grateful to Renee Burke, Min Fan and Lucia Qiu who managed the event logistically and were available to answer all of my crazy questions. The team of volunteers and staffers made this NYCFF a success! Also thanks to Min, Marilyn Zhu from Vivaki and Maggie from World Film Report, for translating for me.  And Maggie and Julia Wang for interviewing me for CCTV.

Final thanks to Carolyn Li Liu for providing me with a much needed history conversation (and a new friend!), and Carmella McDonald for making me laugh. Let's catch up before NYCFF 2012!

I appreciate Vivian Hsu, Sun Le and Han Geng who allowed me to spend time talking with them.  They are consummate professionals, and I hope to have the privilege to talk with them again soon.

Renee Burke

Alexander McQueen scarf, Rebecca Minkoff dress, Versace shoes












Gorgeous bag




Loved the halter Herve Leger




Creative dress; www.k-chic.com




































Extra special thanks to my girlfriend @MegIpsaLoquitur for hanging out with me after the Awards Reception Ceremony!  We had a ball taking glamour shots...

cr: HubbyO

For those curious about the Rebecca Minkoff dress (sans McQueen scarf...)

cr: HubbyO

cr: HubbyO