Friday, September 30, 2011

CIGI - Adidas Star Wars gear

Spotted SuJu's Eunhyuk wearing a trendy sweatshirt a few days ago (@13elieveSG tweeted the photo: CR: LikeAStar and @iccy20)

And I found the Adidas sweatshirt for sale online (but they just sold out).  But it's available at Stylemania for 59.99USD (shipping costs 6.99)!!

Star Wars Sweatshirt Stormstrooper  adidas Originals Star Wars Sweatshirt - Mens - Heather Grey
Brand: Adidas
Color: medgrehea
SKU: V33688

Adidas is a great brand and this sweatshirt is a steal at that price for Star Wars fans.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Junior's A-CHa -- CIGI Heechul's Sunglasses!

This morning, Super Junior released the MV for their new song A-CHa!  SuJu looks as fashionable as ever... They are wearing variations of a black fitted suit or gray jacket and each wears leather gloves in certain scenes.

Credits: SM, SuJu

Even though Heechul is now in the army, he appears in the video.  The video must have been filmed before he shaved his head for his army service.  Heechul appears after 9 seconds and his sunglasses are impressive.

CIGI? Yes! Heechul's sunglasses are very similar to Louis Vuitton's Evidence!

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2009 Sunglasses
With a very masculine feel, these glasses are sure to make a strong impression.  Definitely an investment piece at 720.00 USD.

Also released today was Heechul's new song with Kim Jang Hoon "Breakups are so like me"


Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Key (Kim Kibum-ah!)

Happy birthday to prince(ss) Key!

I didn't think I'd ever meet a man that could match the fantastic diva, Heechul, but you may just be the one, Key.

SHINee is currently endorsing/modeling for Maypole...

Plus... there's a Key Tee available -- designed by the Diva himself!

But because SHINee is so popular, the Tees sold out!  I found some sellers on eBay.  The shirt is selling for 29.99USD plus 5.99USD shipping.  A great way to celebrate being a huge Key fan!

Plus, Key was wearing the tee in his latest Star Call

Credits: sweetspring,  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

T-soul (in CIGI Super Sunglasses) on Beats Per MNet!

Part II of KTW/T-Soul on Beats Per MNet is finally available online!  (And it was released on my birthday -- happy birthday to me (September 21))
Credits: Beats Per MNet, MNet, @T-soul, @godJoonPark

Part II is perfect! Joon's cameo 1:12, Taewoo's jokes (Anne Hathaway 0:54 -- haha) and his voice (so dreamy 5:58) ~^.^ Yvonne's face at 6:41 is priceless, when she says "What are you doing?" She obviously knows T-soul's mischievous side very well! And PK challenging the tall giant KTW to basketball at 1:26 (and rightly putting Yvonne on his team). Thank you guys for making my day!

Part deux was just as awesome as the first.  I really enjoyed it!  Especially seeing KTW in some Super Sunglasses -- so cool!

His pair looked a lot like these, called the Classic Habana which retail for 128EUR: 
CIGI? Sorry, no.  The pair above is not available right now!

A good substitute for the KTW shades above, would be the Classic Francis Habana, which retail for 150EUR.
Not as understated as the pair above because of the gold arm, but still beautiful!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SHINee's Lucifer in Japanese (MV Teaser)

It's going to be E.P.I.C.!  I can't wait for the full MV... Dear God, thank you for another birthday gift.  Today is really turning out to be something special...

Btw, why did I only notice Taeminnie the first time I watched this teaser?  Seriously, I didn't *see* anyone else -- I think Onew was also in it.  Kekeke... Aigoo, I'm such a terrible SHINee Shawol Noona, but a great Taemint! ~^.^

CIGI? Super Sunglasses = Super Cool!

Brrrr.... It's getting chilly in NYC!  Time to whip out the fur and fabulous sunglasses.  Fall is the best weather for seasonal clothing ever.  It's chilly, so you want to be warm, but it's also sunny, so you want to protect your eyes.  Two items everyone (men and women) need in their collection for the fall and winter are:

1. Something very warm (we'll save this for when it gets really cold)
2. Statement sunglasses

While I'm still hunting around for Super Junior Heechul's sunglasses from Mr. Simple (Heechul shows up two seconds into the video), I'm still look at all available trends for my fall statement sunglasses

Credits: Super Junior, SM, YouTube

So I spotted this pair that seems similar to Heechul's sunglasses, from Gucci's collection and Super Junior Kyuhyun was wearing it:
Credits: as listed in the picture 

And Super Junior's Donghae:

But it's not quite the same, so I'm still on the hunt.  CIGI? Yes. Of course you can get Donghae's and Kyuhyun's Gucci Vintage Inspired Stripe Aviator Sunglasses (220USD).  I found the exact pair at Nordstroms' online or you can check Gucci's official store online!
Gucci Vintage Inspired Stripe Aviator Sunglasses GG1622/S

I personally prefer the Gucci Round Metal Aviator Sunglasses below (295USD), and they seem to look more like the pair Heechul is wearing in Mr. Simple.
I've found a collection of sunglasses that has caught my attention: Super Sunglasses!  They've been around for a while, handcrafted in Italy, and seem to be a retro interpretation of the Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer below -- Heechul pictured wearing a pair (120-200USD; the pair below is 195USD).
Original Wayfarer Black / Crystal Green Polarized
SHINee's Taemin was sporting a very cool pair of Twirl Azure Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers on the cover of SHINee's Japan album:

[FYI: Ray-Ban Aviators are also very common and very popular during the summer and fall.  Super Junior Donghae looks really warm and cozy in his winter gear and Ray-Ban Aviators.

I My Me Mine 
Aviator Large Metal Arista / G-15 XLT

Super Flat Top Black priced at 115EUR, ~158USD is very similar to the Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but the "flat top" design makes it seem like it's from the future.  And it just looks so darn cool!


And many K-Pop artists seem to agree!  Below is a picture of Heechul wearing the shades and his Super Junior buddy Sungmin.

Credits: @Heedictator -- Heechul's twitter
Here's Sungmin from Super Junior wearing what looks like a pair of Super Sunglasses called W Black (123 EUR, ~169USD):
kpop fashion Sungmin sunglasses look good on Idol Athletics Championship kpop fashion   Sungmin sunglasses look good on Idol Athletics Championship
And SHINee's Key was also spotted in a pair:

And of course, Dara from 2NE1 wearing the Ciccio Francis (137EUR, ~188USD)

Credits: SSTV, YouTube and!
Don't Taeyang and G-Dragon look awesome in their Super Sunglasses?  G-Dragon is wearing People Francis (145EUR, ~199USD) -- very hot pair with the gold bridge: my favorite! Btw, G-Dragon's military inspired wool coat is just so stylish!  (I'm on the hunt for it too!)

and Taeyang is wearing the Classic Havana (120EUR, ~165USD)...

...or maybe, he's wearing the Flat Top Cheetah (120EUR, ~165USD).

So many choices for the fall/winter statement sunglasses, which pair will you model this fall? All of them? O__O *jealous stare*

Monday, September 12, 2011

CIGI: Can I Get It? Looks from the 2PM Show Episode 1

So I've recently been enjoying the 2PM Show!  (I know I'm a little late with watching shows that are trending in Korea, but the English subs have only recently become available on YouTube -- yes my EnKo (reverse Konglish) still requires English subs -- so I'm now just getting into the show.)  The past few days, I've been watching the show in the morning as I work out and I die laughing each time I watch it!  These guys are sooo funny!!  I also noticed their incredible style in Episode 1 (Part 1):

Episode 1 (1 of 5) 
Credits: original raw video cr : CarrotShow120 -- translating, encoding, timing, uploading cr: Bbiyak25 -- YouTube channel cr: 
(Left-to-right: TaecyeonWooyoung, Junho, Chansung, Junsu and Nichkhun) -- Credits: Khmer Stars News, Star News via Nate
Credits: as listed in the picture; picture found on:
Look at the suits that they're wearing in that Episode and in the promos?  They are slim fitting, sleek and just HOT!

Can I get it? Well, I've found something similar at Emporio Armani.  CIGI recommends the Wool voile 1 button Rear slit Three pockets Three internal jacket pockets Lined interior Darts Belt loops Button, zip fly closure Four pockets Composition: 100% Wool, pictured below:
Wool voile
1 button
Rear slit
Three pockets
Three internal jacket pockets
Lined interior
Belt loops
Button, zip fly closure
Four pockets
Composition:100% Wool


To call the suit above hot would understate it's quality, so I'll let this classic item speak for itself.  What's great about this suit is that Armani will always carry a similar style and great quality.  It's a suit that you can wear, with confidence, for life.

My favorite outfits on the show were the t-shirts that appeared in the funniest segments of Episode 1!  The shirts were cute, the boys are cute.  Heaven!

Episode 1 (Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 of 5 above)
Credits: original raw video cr : CarrotShow120 -- translating, encoding, timing, uploading cr: Bbiyak25 -- YouTube channel cr: 

(Left-to-right: TaecyeonChansung, Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun and Wooyoung) -- Credits: as listed in the picture; picture found on:

CIGI?  Yes! I found the exact same shirts online! Happy, happy, joy, joy.  Anyone who knew me in college knows how much I love love love cute shirts.  (Shout out to my college roommate Sarah who bought me my first pair of cute t-shirts and turned me on to them.)

My favorite was probably Chansung's with the giraffe
[PANCOAT - 02] Pancoat Popdotty T-shirts White
Pancoat Popdotty T-shirt is 41.90USD

Nickhun's is Pancoat Bigeyes Captain and it costs 38,000WON (~36USD)

Taecyeon's is Pancoat Poster Applique and it costs 38,000WON (~36USD).  I love how Taecyeon added his own style to it by cutting off the sleeves!

[PANCOAT - 01] BIGEYES T-shirts Lemon Yellow Junho also cut the sleeves off his Pancoat Bigeyes.  I was only able to find the style in a yellow color which costs 41.90USD.

SHINee's Taemin also wore the red version of this shirt!

Credits: as listed in the picture

I really like these Pancoat shirts and other similar styles because these shirts it can be worn by adults (under a suit or with jeans) and by kids, they are made with great quality, durable cotton which is wearable for several years, and it's just a peppy/happy shirt!

Still looking for our Daegu Boss Junsu's bumble bee version of the shirt and Wooyoung's mind bending dark night version of the shirt.  Will post as soon as I find it.  Otherwise, hope you enjoyed this CIGI and that you buy one, just like me! (Of course, I bought the giraffe!)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

CIGI: Can I Get It? TVXQ Looks at Lacoste Fashion Show in NYC

Caveat:  This is not a paid endorsement/advertisement for Lacoste.  I love fashion.  (I'm a fashionista and a diva after all!) And I often wonder where I can get looks similar/identical to styles that I see on random strangers, including K-Pop and K-Drama stars.  If I'm ever paid to endorse a product, I'll be sure to mention it!  This is all for love right now ~^^!

Do you ever watch K-Pop stars in their music videos or on TV appearances and wonder how you can achieve the same look?  (I do! Super Junior Heechul's sunglasses in the Mr. Simple MV...I will get it!) When you watch K-Dramas do you ever notice the outfits of the actors and wonder where you could possibly buy the same outfit or something similar? (Lee Min Ho's shirts and shoes in City Hunter -- they'd look so nice on the Hubster!)

I feel like I watch Korean entertainment and I wonder where I can get similar styles all the time!  For example, at this week's Lacoste FNO and Fashion Week, TVXQ's Yunho (U-Know) and Changmin (Max) made memorable appearances looking very fashionable in all black:

As seen on: allkpop
Photo Source: Cristy Yeung

Can I Get It?  CIGI?  Yes, for the most part.  While I'm still hunting around to figure out the designer of Max's ascot (the scarf he was wearing with his shirt).  It's clear both idols were wearing Lacoste.  You can get the same looks for yourself at Lacoste's retail site online:

Max's look:
L.12.12 Original Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo (Style # L1212-51)

Classic Chino 30" (Style # HH265S-51)

U-Know's look:
Club Long Sleeve Cotton Stretch Poplin Woven Shirt (Style # CH 4417-51)
125.00 USD

Also, At FNO on Thursday night, I think U-Know was wearing the Lacoste shoes Men's Aleron S (Style # 22SPM1841).  They are a great buy for a pair of leather sneakers at 89.00USD

I would have loved to see them wearing more Lacoste accessories like a great belt and sunglasses!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kim Tae Woo on Beats Per MNet!

Written by @JayNoonaYeppo; credits to the appropriate parties for the videos embedded!

Don't you guys just love the OST to Personal Taste "Dropping Rain" by Kim Tae Woo!  He has such a great voice.  The lyrics for this song are so moving.  If you're happy today, you may want to avoid this song.  If you're in the mood for crying, get a box of tissues ready.  You're going to need them!

Credits: KTW, , YouTube

By the way, in case you haven't already guessed it, the song is the OST to one of Gu Jun Pyo (BOF!) -- erm -- Lee Min Ho's K-Dramas titled "Personal Taste."  In the drama, he plays the head of an architecture firm that's in trouble.  Because he's the protagonist thinks he's gay (I know), she allows him to move into her beautiful Korean traditional house. They fall in love.  The end.  Well there's more to it than that, but you get the idea.  I've been watching it subbed on for FREE!  Yes.  You need to sign up, but it's really free.

"Personal Taste" has one of the most intense kiss scenes in a K-Drama that I've ever seen.  I don't know how they got away with that, but I guess it was necessary since the show's premise was that LMH was gay...

Credits: , YouTube

In any case, below is an interview with KTW (or T-Soul) by one of my favorite duos on TV, PK and Yvonne of Beats Per MNet! Enjoy!!

Credits: BPM, YouTube
You can follow T-Soul/KTW on Twitter @Tsoul0512 and BPM @BPMer!

SMTown Live in NYC -- Tickets, Check!

[Yes, welcome Cassies.  Just scroll down for picks of your boy U-Know Yunho]

In other news, this morning I bought my tickets to the SMTown Live in NYC concert, plus the preshow soundcheck party -- not sure what that means, but I think it means that I'll be able to watch the dry rehearsal of the whole show.  Yay!

I'll be sitting in Section 118!  Yay!  Also, I'm getting samples of my SMTown Live Fan Support Shirts made this weekend -- double Yay!!  All to show love and support to K-PopDom (K-Pop World Domination ~^o^) -- More info to come.

Have you bought your ticket?  Where are you sitting?  (If you want to buy a ticket:  Also, are there people who are *able* to go (i.e., your parents will allow you to go or you don't need parental permission, AND you can't afford tickets)?  It would be so nice to have a raffle for a free ticket for a deserving K-Pop Fan

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To be a Cassie or Not to be a Cassie: Meeting TVXQ’s Yunho in NYC

Disclaimer/Warning: This blog, pictures, text are all provided by me and credited to sources where appropriate.  This is a free website for K-Pop fans.  When you share information from this blog with others online, please give credit where due (i.e. to me because I spent time in line and then in the store working hard for these pictures (and to @AKPF who publicized the event and through whom I found out about this event)).  Note that I am a Harvard-educated lawyer who will not hesitate to find, sue and legally put to task anyone who steals, borrows or uses my pictures or text to make money without permission, and anyone who tries to pass this off as their own work without giving due credit.  It's not a threat.  It's a promise.

Dedicated to Cassies and K-Pop fans all over the world -- Enjoy!  Cassies -- feel free to scroll all the way to the end to look at the huge pictures of Yunho.  I ruined my blog pagination to make you happy.  You're welcome!

Written by:  @JayNoonaYeppo (follow me on Twitter!) 

This morning, during my workout, I watched an episode of Super Junior Explorers of the Human Body.  It was Episode 9, where DBSK guest stars! (Yes. All five of them: JYJ and TVXQ pre-current affairs – i.e. the separation.)  

Credits: DBSJ Productions, Super Junior, DBSK, JYJ, TVXQ!, SME,  (for uploading), and others credited in the video directly

As I watched Siwon defeat Yunho during the one-on-one dodge ball game (after Kangin's defeat at Yunho's hands), I though to myself, it would be so cool to meet Yunho!  Then I remembered that I would at least get to see him at the SMTown Live Concert on October 23 in Madison Square Garden.  I made a mental note to remember to buy myself a ticket for SMTown Live in New York, which goes on sale on Friday, September 9! (Remember to buy your tickets at 10am -- in a few hours -- on MSG's website:

I had been following AKPF’s posts (Follow them on twitter @AKPF – I’m not being paid to say this, btw, just a thankful fan!) about Yunho and Changmin coming to NYC for a photo shoot for Lacoste, but figured, since I’m not really a Cassie or a serious fan girl for TVXQ, I should leave the work to serious Cassies.  (If it were SHINee and/or SuJu now, we would be talking about something else.  I’m a serious Shawol and E.L.F. – Really.  You don’t understand:  I’m getting SHINee and SuJu shirts made for the SMTown Live in NYC concert.  I will share as soon as I have a prototype.  I plan to give out a couple for free to see if people like it and then let Shawols and E.L.F.s order for the show!  Not to worry!!  Stay tuned for more on the shirts in the next week or so)

I went through the day occasionally checking my @JayNoonaYeppo twitter feed and my Facebook account, and at around 4pm, at the end of my meetings, I noticed AKPF had an “EVENT” alert on Facebook – TVXQ was going to have a fan meeting at Lacoste to celebrate Fashions Night Out in New York City.  Lacoste is a few blocks away from my office.  I had to go.  Or did I?  I fought with myself for maybe an hour about whether or not I should go.  However, as I read the sad notes from various Cassies who could not attend the show because they lived so far away, I felt like I had to go.  I wanted to be able to share pictures and fancams with fans who couldn’t be there to see their K-Pop idols.

Like a good Cassie, I finished my work for the day and rushed out to catch a cab home for a quick change.  When I got home, I turned on TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down for motivation. 

Credits: TVXQ! and SME

As it was playing in the background, I felt myself getting more and more excited to meet Yunho and Changmin.  I recalled just how relaxed and exciting they seemed on SuJu’s Explorers of the Human Body.  I was so amped by the time I was ready!

I arrived at the Lacoste store on 49th Street and 5th Avenue in Midtown East Manhattan.  The intersection is quite famous because there’s a Saks Fifth Avenue store at the same location.  To my dismay, there was a huge line outside the Lacoste store, and the line was moving very slowly.

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

While waiting, I took some pictures of the eye candy in the window.  And we were entertained by Mr. Michael Kors who was also at his newly opened MK store across the road from Lacoste.  (You just can't script the stuff that happens in New York City!  Especially on Fashions Night Out -- but I digress!)

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Yes -- that is Michael Kors!
Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

The models
Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

The manly model
Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

I was a very good Cassie because I stayed in line and waited my turn.  TVXQ [only Yunho] arrived, with an entourage that made it so difficult to see his face.  He arrived in a stretch limo, and he was quickly ushered into the store as a ton of fans screamed his name.  A ton of people on the line kept asking, “Who just entered the store?”  As a good Cassie, I tried to educate them, but non K-Pop fans just don’t get it the way we do.  Seriously, what a waste of time.

Yunho was wearing all black (clearly a black Lacoste shirt) with a nerdy-chic pair of thick-rimmed eyeglasses.  I tried to take pictures from outside, but it was impossible.  I tried to find Changmin, only to find out later that he didn’t attend the event.  I hope he’s okay … T.T

As I got to the head of the line, the store’s manager said, “We are sorry, but everyone has to leave and clear the side walk.  The party is over and we are not letting anyone else inside the store.”  I went from patient, to sad, to upset in the span of a few seconds!  Why?  The store was NOT full, and we HAD been waiting PATIENTLY.  I just told a few others and myself in line: this is a public sidewalk so we don’t have to leave.  We can just patiently wait for them to come out.  At a certain point, the store’s manager started to let a LARGE group of people in and the fans outside became very upset.  The store manager’s reason for letting those people in – “They are press.”  I had to SPEAK UP.  “In the age of social media, everyone outside here that you’re not letting in will tell the whole world about what you’re doing.  We are also the press now, lady!”  I couldn’t help myself… It must be the lawyer in me…

I was so upset that I sent a message to AKPF on Facebook complaining that the store was keeping TVXQ’s fans outside on the sidewalk and refusing to let us in.  AKPF was very nice and made some calls, which must have worked because they let us in!  Yay!!

I was the first to get in because I had my ID card ready and apparently because they were serving alcohol there was an age limit on who they could let into the store, or something like that.  The store is actually quite nice.  Two floors.  Great staff – aside from those who didn’t want to let TVXQ’s fans inside to meet their idol!

Anyway, all is well that ends well.  As soon as I entered the store, I made my way upstairs where some handlers were hiding TVXQ in what looked like a dressing room.  I asked upstairs if both Changmin and Yunho were there and I was told that Changmin didn’t attend.  Eventually, Yunho came out of the dressing room and was ushered into the elevator, and when he appeared again downstairs, there was serious pandemonium.  Tons of fans were outside pressed up against the glass trying to get pictures of him.

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

He was friendly and quiet.  Not afraid, but totally listening to the manager/handler – which means he didn’t take any pictures with fans or sign any autographs…  His quiet calm definitely won me over.  It’s not just an act for shows or music videos.  He is actually calm in person.

Here are the pictures that I made from the event.  It was definitely worth attending.  I’d do it again for any K-Pop idol who comes to NYC – I’m not really into "paparazzi" pictures -- I can't do the pics at the airport or hotel. But, here Yunho was at an event where he invited press and was promoting a product.  I was definitely happy to attend.  I hope you enjoy the pictures for tonight – fancam will be uploaded over the weekend!

[Postmortem:  When I got home, I was so excited to show my pictures to the Hubster.  His first reaction:  Oh nice pics!  Why didn’t you get a shot with the guy?”  My reaction: O___o à TT__TT – Why didn’t I remember that I’m pretty good at selcas?]

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

Photo by: @JayNoonaYeppo

[; @JayNoonaYeppo]