Saturday, September 10, 2011

CIGI: Can I Get It? TVXQ Looks at Lacoste Fashion Show in NYC

Caveat:  This is not a paid endorsement/advertisement for Lacoste.  I love fashion.  (I'm a fashionista and a diva after all!) And I often wonder where I can get looks similar/identical to styles that I see on random strangers, including K-Pop and K-Drama stars.  If I'm ever paid to endorse a product, I'll be sure to mention it!  This is all for love right now ~^^!

Do you ever watch K-Pop stars in their music videos or on TV appearances and wonder how you can achieve the same look?  (I do! Super Junior Heechul's sunglasses in the Mr. Simple MV...I will get it!) When you watch K-Dramas do you ever notice the outfits of the actors and wonder where you could possibly buy the same outfit or something similar? (Lee Min Ho's shirts and shoes in City Hunter -- they'd look so nice on the Hubster!)

I feel like I watch Korean entertainment and I wonder where I can get similar styles all the time!  For example, at this week's Lacoste FNO and Fashion Week, TVXQ's Yunho (U-Know) and Changmin (Max) made memorable appearances looking very fashionable in all black:

As seen on: allkpop
Photo Source: Cristy Yeung

Can I Get It?  CIGI?  Yes, for the most part.  While I'm still hunting around to figure out the designer of Max's ascot (the scarf he was wearing with his shirt).  It's clear both idols were wearing Lacoste.  You can get the same looks for yourself at Lacoste's retail site online:

Max's look:
L.12.12 Original Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo (Style # L1212-51)

Classic Chino 30" (Style # HH265S-51)

U-Know's look:
Club Long Sleeve Cotton Stretch Poplin Woven Shirt (Style # CH 4417-51)
125.00 USD

Also, At FNO on Thursday night, I think U-Know was wearing the Lacoste shoes Men's Aleron S (Style # 22SPM1841).  They are a great buy for a pair of leather sneakers at 89.00USD

I would have loved to see them wearing more Lacoste accessories like a great belt and sunglasses!

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