Thursday, September 22, 2011

T-soul (in CIGI Super Sunglasses) on Beats Per MNet!

Part II of KTW/T-Soul on Beats Per MNet is finally available online!  (And it was released on my birthday -- happy birthday to me (September 21))
Credits: Beats Per MNet, MNet, @T-soul, @godJoonPark

Part II is perfect! Joon's cameo 1:12, Taewoo's jokes (Anne Hathaway 0:54 -- haha) and his voice (so dreamy 5:58) ~^.^ Yvonne's face at 6:41 is priceless, when she says "What are you doing?" She obviously knows T-soul's mischievous side very well! And PK challenging the tall giant KTW to basketball at 1:26 (and rightly putting Yvonne on his team). Thank you guys for making my day!

Part deux was just as awesome as the first.  I really enjoyed it!  Especially seeing KTW in some Super Sunglasses -- so cool!

His pair looked a lot like these, called the Classic Habana which retail for 128EUR: 
CIGI? Sorry, no.  The pair above is not available right now!

A good substitute for the KTW shades above, would be the Classic Francis Habana, which retail for 150EUR.
Not as understated as the pair above because of the gold arm, but still beautiful!

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