Monday, October 31, 2011

CIGI: JYJ Jaejoong's Bachelor Pad

I'm completely in love with Jaejoong's bachelor pad! I know it's not terribly surprising that a Cassie would love Jaejoongie's apartment, but have you seen that place? Yeah, *scoffs* I haven't seen it in person either, but did you see the spread in Marie Claire magazine? Jae definitely has good taste or a good interior decorator because his apartment is so tastefully furnished.

I really fell in love with his Stingray rocking chair!

cr: allkpop

Okay. Maybe I love it more because he's sitting in it, but that's really besides the point. That is one very sexy looking chair. Imagine you at Jae's apartment sitting in that chair. It's big enough for two people you know... But small enough to require one person to be on top of the other. *Deleted Rated R Portion*

Back to the rocking chair...

The Stingray rocking chair is an intelligent modern redesign of the classic rocking chair. It gives the apartment a very young modern feel. Even with the huge leather couches around, the room still looks playful and futuristic because of the Stingray.

stingray modern rocking chair


Stingrays are a bit pricey and retail from 2,950GBP or 4,731USD (same as Jae's) to 3,950GBP or 6,335USD (leather and wood version).

Can I Get It? Of course you can get it. Decoratum (a vintage/retro furniture store in London) carries both designs. They are guaranteed to get any Jae-lover very excited. Promise.


More from

Stingray Rocking Chair

Denmark, 2008Thomas Pedersen

Stingray rocking chair, oak white pigmented lacquer wood & chrome frame with leather neck cushion (Model No 3510 / Series 0410) by Thomas Pedersen, Denmark, 2008.


The Danish Design Prize, formerly known as the ID-prize, is Denmark`s highest design honours. With the prize the Danish Design Centre recognises companies and designers who have created product or solutions that demonstrate prize-worthy quality, beauty, innovation or functionality.

Stingray is a complex item of furniture that succeeds both functionally and as sculpture. It works in different materials and is surprisingly comfortable to sit in, the jury remarked in choosing Stingray as the winner of the Danish Design Prize.

The award is intended to recognise high-quality products boasting new and innovative design. Red Dot is viewed as an imortant seal of approval throughout the world. An independent jury chose Stingray as one of the unique design products in the Product Design category.

The highly prestigious award is presented in collaboration with the esteemed German design institute Rat fr Formgebung. It is intended to recognise not only best design at the Cologne International Furniture Fair but also the most innovative product on display.

The wooden version of Stingray won this award for "best design", presented by the Danish interior design magazine Bolig Magasinet. The award celebrates a chair that stands out even among the finest works of Danish and international design.

Dimensions : (H) 80cm (W) 120cm (D) 100cm

Other Details: Seat Height: 47 cm (to lip at front edge)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Block B: Great Fashion/Attitude for Youngins

They are not afraid to look dorky, silly or funny.  I love that about this group because they don't seem to be afraid of anything, even being themselves!

I love their young comfy fashion - presenting Rookie of the Year Block-B. Fashion/style/swagger wins all over the place in this video.

cr: MTV K

Kyung and Taeil, shoe lifts are okay if you think you need them... but we'd like you at any height.  P.O farting is not cool, but I'll give you a pass since it didn't smell.  Jaehyo, I'll think about forgiving you for being messy...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Victors and Victims from SMTown Live NY

I was one of approximately 15,000 lucky fans who attended SMTown Live NY this weekend, and while I enjoyed nearly every performance, I must say, coordi-noonas/unnies, you didn't impress me much.

Let's just say I really liked U-Know Yunho's personality on Sunday... and was really impressed by Max Changmin's chest.  Their outfits were ridiculous.  And not in a good way.

WTF.  Who puts Yunho in a suit for crying out loud?  His first show in NYC, and he wore a Star Trek suit? Come ON!  And who told coordi-noona that it was enough to show Changmin's chest? Who thought a fur collar and a perm to rival a male stripped dressed up as Boys over Flowers Gu Jun Pyo, would look nice on such an attractive guy?  That's just not cool.  And I love Changmin! I. can't. even....judge them.  They are like K-Pop royalty to me, so I won't say more than I already have.  But they were definitely fashion victims...


BoA = Concert Fashion Goddess.  Her dark brown/black wavy hair with the bangs pulled back into a Snooki-ish pouf, her sleek, concert-appropriate glittery black top with booty shorts to match and the chain jewelry was just beautiful.  And the heavy black eyeshadow and liner - total win!

Evil Kyu 
Thank you for those pants.  Whoever it was that told him he had to wear those pants when he had his duet with Seohyun, thank you.  But whoever told him it was okay to wear heeled boots, you are blacklisted for life!  This is not the '70s.  You're so lucky he's cute.

P.S. Whoever gave him the sweater and pants for rehearsal, thank you as well.  Gomawo.  Really!  

The outfit for The Boys really says girl power, a la Spice Girls.  I approve.

They wore white like I wanted! (At least for part of the show.)  Look at Sungmin in those white jeans!  So hot!! I especially love that they didn't wear all white.  I appreciate snowflakes, but I prefer that they chose to be a bit more risky with funky shirts, different colored pants for some, etc.  Plus the hair color for each member was such a huge win.  Hyukie keep your blonde, Sungmin rock that red, and Wookie burgundy is definitely your friend!

P.S. In person, Sungmin had the hottest smile of the SJ members.

Yesung in jeans walking away from me. O_O
cr: me

Jessica and Krystal
I wanted to like the outfits here, but they just didn't seem to fit with a crazy club song... They seemed so tame and ordinary, and those are not the words anyone would normally associate with Ke$ha's Tik Tok... It sort of looked like two churchy girls trying to be wild. *Sad*

SNSD's opening outfit was a bit too "Rockettes" for me. *Sad*

Fashion aside, I enjoyed this concert... I really want another! Right now! >.<**

*I intentionally left off Kangta, SHINee and f(x).  I had nothing bad or good to say about their outfits. (Had a lot to say about their performances here.) No surprise that Kangta wore a suit and shaggy hair - I appreciated that he dressed like a big boy.  No surprise that NO ONE in SHINee or f(x) wore a fashion-forward outfit that's worth discussing.  All perfectly normal.

cr: me, pictures from SMTown Facebook

Girls' Generation Run NY: A K-Pop Fan's Account

On Monday, October 24, 2011, the nine-member South Korean female pop group, So Nyuh Shi Dae or Girls' Generation held their first fan meeting in the United States organized by at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

At the SMTownLiveNY concert, the night before Girls' Generation, along with Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x) performed their hit songs to a sold-out Madison Square Garden Arena. The home of the Knicks was transformed into the familiar SMTown concert arena with the Y-shaped stage extending out into the mosh pit. The producer of their new hit single, The Boys, Teddy Riley was in attendance at the concert, and during our conversation, he wondered aloud whether anyone ever expected that a K-Pop concert in New York would sell out at Madison Square Garden. Teddy had a huge smile on his face and one could feel a sense of pride in the SM artists and the hard work it took to put together a successful concert. GG enthusiastically performed The Boys at the concert, and this was a prelude to their performance at the intimate gathering at Best Buy Theater the following day.

The fan meet was scheduled to begin at 4:30pm and by 1:50pm, the line had already tracked 44th street and all of Broadway and was half way down 45th Street. The security at the event was very attentive to the fans and kindly kept us in neat clusters so we did not block the entire sidewalk or entrances to various buildings.

Many fans who were in line spoke exchanged stories from the weekend about close encounters with various SM artists, including SHINee and Super Junior. Everyone seemed excited to see the girls in person. staff stamped our hands with a red "S9", and a staffer kept a counter which read 547 before 2:00pm! The line continued to grow and spanned the length of 45th Street. Fans shared pictures and accounts from the concert the night before. Many mentioned that they had seen the artists walking around Times Square. It was easy to see that these artists are adored by U.S. fans as fans shared favorite YouTube clips of K-Pop artists on their cell phones.

The line began to move as early as 4:15pm and by 5:00pm the vast majority of the fans were inside the Best Buy Theater. At 5:15pm, the lights dimmed and a video began to run. Fans enthusiastically sang along to Into the World, Kissing You, Oh!, Gee and Tell Me.

Soon the girls performed The Boys. The fans were chanting along and cheering for the girls. It was easy to see and hear the happiness from the fans, and the girls responded in kind. The fans were most enthusiastic when the bridge of the song, "I wanna dance right now..." was sung. Many had memorized the song already and were singing along.

After this performance, the girls introduced themselves to the fans. As the MC began to speak and told the girls just how much their fans love them through a slideshow, the audience noticed Taeyeon wiping her face with her hand. The fans let out a collective "We love you Taeyeon" to let her know she could feel okay crying here. Tiffany then said that GG had worked very hard on the album The Boys and are really overwhelmed by the love they are receiving from U.S. fans.

It is easy to see why these girls are so loved. staff prepared some interview questions and the girls eagerly participated. Sooyoung showed one of her famous impressions of a girl who speaks Korean with an American accent and spoke very well in English. Sunny showed off her famous aegyo and enthusiastically waved to the fans throughout the event. Seohyun was asked to give us advice, and she responded while giggling: "Fasten your seatbelts." Jessica sang to the fans in English, and Hyoyeon performed a brief tutorial and dance from The Boys. Yuri was asked to speak in English because fans love how she speaks English and she said "I love so much".

When Taeyeon cried at the beginning, her tears humanized GG. Since their come back stage a few days before in Korea they seemed to have been working constantly since the release of The Boys MV. It's not unlikely that they were not sure whether they would receive a warm reception from fans and experiencing such a hearty welcome from American fans (and fans from Mexico, Canada, and Korea!) may have made them feel as though their hard work was not in vain.

At the end of the event, the MC mentioned to GG that the audience had a gift for them - cupcakes from Magnolia's Bakery and a song. The audience broke out into song, the chorus from GG's debut single Into the New World and the girls joined in. After they sang with the fans, they said thank you and waved at everyone.

The event ended 6:20pm and many fans made their way over to the hotel where the girls were expected to return after the fan meeting. The excitement was palpable even standing outside the hotel. My conversation with producer Teddy Riley the night before came to mind and I wondered whether anyone believes K-Pop can make it in the U.S.

It's been tried before. It seems easy to dismiss the potential for success of K-Pop in the U.S. when one considers that Girls' Generation are not the first to debut in the largest music market in the world. Artists, including, BoA and the Wonder Girls have debuted in the U.S. and have not experienced similar success as they did in Korea. There is a healthy fear among GG fans that GG may not make it in the U.S. without, at minimum working with producers and musicians that are well-respected in the U.S. music industry. Also, GG has to be carefully managed in order to capitalize on the enthusiasm about and interest in their K-Pop and in the girls themselves.

The U.S. music market is big and fickle. Success in the U.S. market depends on many intangibles including the mood of American teenagers. The girls are personable and show enthusiasm to their fans when they perform. They are beautiful and well styled. They have a concept that works well in the U.S. They have chosen to debut here with a simple pop song that may appeal to many American teens and tweens.

Their song The Boys is just as catchy as any American pop song and Teddy Riley's production gives the song a Britney Spears/Pussycat Dolls feel. Their performance, including their military attire is reminiscent of early Destiny's Child and the lyrics are easy to learn. The English is not perfect, but GG has time to polish their English skills.

To be sure, GG's or any artists success in any market is never guaranteed, but following up the debut with a huge concert like SMTown live was a great marketing move. SMTown served as a great advertising campaign for the girls and even got them on several screens in Times Square, and the New York Times reviewed the concert! I don't think other artists who debuted in the U.S. have had similar exposure. 

Following their debut with the traditional K-Pop fan meeting was a great idea because it assures GG's core fanbase that they may be marketing themselves in the U.S., but their K-pop flavor will be preserved. The reason why K-Pop fans love, K-Pop is because it's not American Pop - it's similar, but there's something different about it. K-Pop idols get on crazy shows and act silly, play funny games, talk about their crushes, troll on Twitter, and in general they don't seem to spend a lot of time "pretending to be cool", and as a fan, I'd like to keep it that way.

Also, K-Pop outfits are pretty quirky - when artists aren't trying to be overly cute (see the video above that was playing on the MTV-K screen in Times Square).  It'll be nice if this type of style, especially more edgy style like G-Dragon and TOP of Big Bang would be retained if K-Pop becomes anything close to mainstream.

Girls' Generation seem to desire success in the U.S., as do many other K-Pop artists, and with a lot of luck, and a ton of hard work, GG may just be the artist to create unprecedented crossover-appeal from Korea to find success in the U.S. I just hope they don't lose the qualities that make them so appealing to K-Pop fans.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

SHINee rehearsing at SMTownLiveNY at Madison Square Garden

Sharing before I go to bed.  No need to describe this much... Key and Jonghyun being themselves. So much fun to watch!!

 Goodnight, Shawols!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SMTown Hot Army Invades NYC... Best & Worst Dressed - Airport Edition

In general, I'm proud and happy to say that almost everyone looked very nice at the airport...

I love SJ Yesung's baseball cap!  It's effortless and chic (plus, it'll hide his bedroom hair when he gets off the long flight...)

SJ Donghae's outfit rocks my NY world in so many ways.  Did he read up on NY before this trip? His almost-all-black ensemble is NYC gold! Black leather jacket with some hardware = hot, black pair of jeans = hot, black denim shirt = hotter, clean white shirt = hawt, aviators + baseball cap = hottest!  He is definitely the best dressed for the guys. (Those hightops with the white soles, seriously nice.  If he came to NYC intending to get laid, he should just walk around Times Square dressed like that, I'm sure he'll find many girls throwing themselves at him.)

Worst dressed for me was SJ-M Zhoumi.  How can you dress like that, huh?  Why did you take your dongsaeng's fedora, huh? NYC is not pimps-anonymous! Also, love your hair by the way, so shiny and healthy.  Plus you have a great colorist.  And those sunglasses have the perfect tint.  But the denim suit makes Zhoumi look much older than he is and is just not fashion-forward.  He seems like an ahjusshi next to the other SM artists.  I have to call a spade a spade.

TVXQ/HoMin's airport fashion is commendable.  As spokespersons for Lacoste, they have done a great job of wearing casual clothes well - not that this is difficult to do for two good looking guys, but in any case, kudos.

[Joghi-ha, excuse me, ladies, I think I notice a bit of peach-fuzz on U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin... Nice-ish.  I can get used to facial hair on these guys!]

Yunho really looks nice in this picture - great haircut and nice jacket, great pair of jeans that fit properly and nice clean converse... I'm so proud right now. [Caveat: I'm not a huge fan of logos, so the Lacoste logo on his jacket is making me cringe.  But in this case, he's a walking billboard for Lacoste, so it's kind of expected.]  Yunho is probably my best-dressed nerdy guy on this trip.  He was smiling in nearly every picture that I saw... I guess he's happy to be coming back to see his crazy NYC fans! Haha - that Lacoste appearance was no joke.  I hope he escaped unscathed.

Changmin-ah.  It looks like the evil K-Pop perm struck again along with some tints of honey blonde and the length of his hair is really all wrong.  *Cries* Wae? Why? Who did this to our handsome Changmin? No harm done. Yet.  He's just at the airport and he's allowed to look like he just rolled out of bed.  Coordi-noonas, please fix his hair in time for the concert.  TIA.  I do love his red striped shirt and red sweater.  Ottoke, I almost made you my worst airport look!  You're lucky that Zhoumi was there!! Aish.... 

The SNSD ladies all look great - for the most part.  They seem to be rocking a boho-chic look with chunky sweaters and knits that are perfect for the cool fall weather we're having in NYC.

Funny, this picture contains my best and worst dressed for airport attire for today!  Can you guess who I thought was the best dressed? And worst?

Hyoyeon can dance.  But her airport attire needs some work.  While she's showing some leg, she looks too much like a little kid.  There's nothing special about the skirt unfortunately and it really throws off her look.  I am also not a fan of the blonde hair on her.  I love her taste in shoes though and that sweatshirt is very practical, plus from what I see of her handbag she seems to have an eye for good fall bags, but her very short skirt with a casual sweatshirt makes her look short and child-like.  I had to pick Hyoyeon as my worst dressed for airport wear today.

Maknae Seohyun is really making me happy in her I'm-not-trying-too-hard airport wear!  She combines a knit skirt that hits at mid-calf and wears an over-sized sweater with it.  Her tan lace-up boots are so fall appropriate that I would steal them from her closet, if she ever let me in.  Her handbag combines some hardware on the strap and has both leather and fabric.  Her sunglasses pull the look together with clean sharp lines.  She's the best dressed because she'll be comfortable during the long flight and she still paid homage to many fall trends.  I'm so proud of her relaxed boho-chic look!  (I liked Jessica's outfit as well, but  the floppy hat made it too obvious that she planned her outfit systematically.  Not as effortless as Seohyun.)

cr: SMTown Facebook; Newsen; allkpop

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fashion Hopes for SMTown Live in NYC

Coordi-noonas who will be styling SM artists for SMTown Live in NYC, I don't want to be disappointed this weekend, as I will show no mercy when I review their outfits, please take note of the following:


He just needs a very nice crisp suit and sunglasses and all the ladies will swoon.  Think Frank Sinatra swagger when you dress him, but make sure his hair is not too styled.  He needs to look slightly rough around the edges to be great.


The edgy BoA must make an appearance at the first SMTown concert in NYC.  I love the braids, the  piercings... It's very New York.  BoA is hot and fierce.  Please make sure her wardrobe shows these great qualities at the concert.


  • U-Know Yunho will be expected to show a lot of skin.  Please don't do something ridiculous like putting him in a turtle neck or a suit that covers his arms.  Just don't do it.  Yunho obviously doesn't like clothes as much as it seems. Kindly let him do without his shirt, if he so prefers. Think Mirotic, not Before You Go...

  • Max Changmin should not wear too much eye makeup.  He already very handsome as it is, don't ruin it by making him look pretty.  Also, please make sure his hair doesn't cover up his face.  It's really a shame when fans can't see his great features because there's too much hair covering his face.
Think this (including the earring):

Not this - way too adorable for NYC:
  • Sigh, I wish the rest of DBSK could be included in my fashion line up - I would've recommended the tightest possible pair of pants for Xiah Junsu... I wonder when JYJ will come to NYC...

Super Junior
While I love the dapper A-CHa MV fashion....

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews Super Junior's "A-Cha" MV

I believe these guys need to go back to the all-white Super Show 3 outfits.  Those all-white outfits (jackets on tank tops?) including white skinny jeans were truly a sight to behold.  Now I know it's after Labor Day and all, but that fashion rule was made to be broken...

Girls' Generation
I love their new edgy/sexy concept from The Boys' teasers.  Their badass outfits and makeup definitely suits New York.  My favorite concept for SNSD is from their Vogue magazine shoots this year!  Please make sure they don't come as "Gee" cute - and I love Gee - but that's not going to fly in NYC.  They need to be hot!

Girls Generation Tiffany Vogue

Girls Generation Sooyoung Vogue

Girls Generation Sunny Vogue

I love these guys, so I really need them to look good on Sunday.  Think Lucifer or Hello, not the Japanese Noona Noemu Yeppo!

For the most part, I hate heavy "guyliner" on K-Pop idols, but these guys can pull off eyeliner and still look very hot.
  • Please let Onew's hair grow back to Hello-era length! He needs his hair to be a little long, and he needs a side part.  Having the hair covering his face is not his best look.  Seriously.  He is so good-looking, please stop letting his hair get in the way of his hotness!
  • It goes without saying that Jonghyun should show his arms and his back.  Why? Some fangirls have paid for tickets solely for this fanservice.  Let's not disappoint them.
  • Key should just be allowed to be Key.  His taste in fashion is amazing.  He always takes risks, and I'm curious to see what he'll come up with this time around.
  • Of course, Minho should show his arms. Is that even a question?  And if his Ring Ding Dong ponytail can make an appearance, that would be great!
  • Gosh, if only you could bring back Taeminnie's extensions from Lucifer.  The hair flips he had during Lucifer's promotions were epic... At the very least, please don't let him dye his hair red. It looks great, but somehow it takes away nearly all of his cuteness!  He always looks so mean with red hair.  Blonde is definitely the way to go.  Maybe even strawberry blonde.  Our maknae should look adorable and hot, not unapproachable.

They are adorable SM hoobaes.  They are definitely allowed to look cute, but it'll be more interesting if they choose a more sophisticated image for their first NYC appearance.

Friendly suggestions to the coordi-noonas for SMTown Live in NYC.  I can't wait to see what the artists actually wear... I will be in Section 118 fashion spazzing the whole night through!

@hellohello___ wins the SHINee Cheer Pack!

Congratulations to stephanie (twitter handle: @hellohello___) on winning the SHINee Cheer Pack designed by @sfinee!  Pick up your free cheer pack at SMTown Live in NYC this Sunday!!

I bought my cheer pack a few weeks ago, and I'm happy to give one cheer pack to a deserving SHAWOL!

Posted Image

Here's the winning tweet:

stephanie (@):

" I love SHINee because they give me hope in everything from the seemingly ever-devolving kpop industry to finding the right guy. I had always listened to SHINee but I fell in love with them after my first experience with heartbreak; I felt like "너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic)" said everything I couldn't so perfectly. I also completely fell for Key who is always so unafraid to be himself and speaks so honestly, something you rarely see in the kpop industry. He's confident and adorable and just everything I would like to see in a guy, even if he is a diva (at least he owns up to it). The other members are all amazing and charming in their own ways too: Onew with his ever-present smile and awkwardly cute optimism, Jonghyun with the contrast between his beautiful voice and his cute puppy-dog expressions, Minho with his die-hard competitiveness and determination, and finally Taemin, one of the best dancers in kpop even though he's also one of the youngest. SHINee is just so inspirational and I've been dying for a chance to see them in concert. I always thought I'd have to go to Korea for it to happen but, miraculously, they're coming to me! I just wish I could meet them in person to thank them for giving me something to look forward to every time I turn on my iPod or go on YouTube. "너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic)" is still one of my favorites from them but now it's because I really appreciate the dedication they have to their music and to their Shawols. They sing live and give it their all and I love them that much more for it."

Here's the song Stephanie was referring to:
So moving!

There were a number of other great tweets about SHINee under #ILoveSHINeebecause - Looking forward to SMTown Live in NYC.  I'll be sitting in Section 118 - I hope to meet many awesome SHAWOLs!

Stay tuned for fancams, pics and a fashion spazz account of SMTown Live in NYC!!

In the spirit of looking forward to SMTown Live, here's SHINee's Ring Ding Dong!  Happy 2nd Anniversary to RDD's YouTube Upload... 27million+ views and counting...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TVXQ (U-Know and Max) in Ray Magazine! (And Fashion Tips for Fall!)

There's really not much to say about these pictures aside from the fact that these are very handsome men and looking at pictures of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin in tank tops and business casual attire will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. (As expected from these Lacoste spokespersons/models...)

[Click on each picture to make it larger.]


On the business casual front, gentlemen please take note:  A nice blazer, a nice leather jacket and grey wool pants can be combined in many ways for great fall wear.

[Click on each picture to make it larger.]

Two very cute Korean actors were also featured in Ray magazine for their role in the 2010 KBS drama Break, Love and Dreams:  Yoon Siyoon and Joowon.  (Random thought: Joowon on the left looks like Micky Yuchun to me.) Their dress shirts remind me of two brands that carry very well made dress shirts for men: Thomas Pink and T.M. Lewin.  These two design houses also carry dress shirts for women. I live in these dress shirts, and they will last for many years.  A favorite of mine for dress shirts for women is also Ralph Lauren.  Every adult needs at least one blue, one white, one pink, one blue and one striped (any colors) dress shirt.

[Click on each picture to make it larger.]

Dreamy...  I love that shirt.

I also saw this very cute design for heels.  The bow in the back of the heel really does add something special to the heels!

My favorite are these from Christian Louboutin - a bit steep at 695USD...
Similar style with a more affordable price tag are these Pour La Victoire for 119.20USD from Zappos! (And PLV is very comfortable!  I have three pairs of heels from PLV that I adore and that I'm able to wear all day at the office.)

 Random note: I love Vampire Diaries (and Twilight, Harry Potter, and anything else that has anything to do with vampires or supernatural beings).  There's an article in the November issue of Ray about Vampire Diaries!

[Click on the picture to make it larger.]

I think I may actually have to subscribe to Ray magazine!  The November issue had so much to love!! (Click for the FT Island in Ray magazine - Yes FT Island and SHINee's Onew were in this issue too!!!)