Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Victors and Victims from SMTown Live NY

I was one of approximately 15,000 lucky fans who attended SMTown Live NY this weekend, and while I enjoyed nearly every performance, I must say, coordi-noonas/unnies, you didn't impress me much.

Let's just say I really liked U-Know Yunho's personality on Sunday... and was really impressed by Max Changmin's chest.  Their outfits were ridiculous.  And not in a good way.

WTF.  Who puts Yunho in a suit for crying out loud?  His first show in NYC, and he wore a Star Trek suit? Come ON!  And who told coordi-noona that it was enough to show Changmin's chest? Who thought a fur collar and a perm to rival a male stripped dressed up as Boys over Flowers Gu Jun Pyo, would look nice on such an attractive guy?  That's just not cool.  And I love Changmin! I. can't. even....judge them.  They are like K-Pop royalty to me, so I won't say more than I already have.  But they were definitely fashion victims...


BoA = Concert Fashion Goddess.  Her dark brown/black wavy hair with the bangs pulled back into a Snooki-ish pouf, her sleek, concert-appropriate glittery black top with booty shorts to match and the chain jewelry was just beautiful.  And the heavy black eyeshadow and liner - total win!

Evil Kyu 
Thank you for those pants.  Whoever it was that told him he had to wear those pants when he had his duet with Seohyun, thank you.  But whoever told him it was okay to wear heeled boots, you are blacklisted for life!  This is not the '70s.  You're so lucky he's cute.

P.S. Whoever gave him the sweater and pants for rehearsal, thank you as well.  Gomawo.  Really!  

The outfit for The Boys really says girl power, a la Spice Girls.  I approve.

They wore white like I wanted! (At least for part of the show.)  Look at Sungmin in those white jeans!  So hot!! I especially love that they didn't wear all white.  I appreciate snowflakes, but I prefer that they chose to be a bit more risky with funky shirts, different colored pants for some, etc.  Plus the hair color for each member was such a huge win.  Hyukie keep your blonde, Sungmin rock that red, and Wookie burgundy is definitely your friend!

P.S. In person, Sungmin had the hottest smile of the SJ members.

Yesung in jeans walking away from me. O_O
cr: me

Jessica and Krystal
I wanted to like the outfits here, but they just didn't seem to fit with a crazy club song... They seemed so tame and ordinary, and those are not the words anyone would normally associate with Ke$ha's Tik Tok... It sort of looked like two churchy girls trying to be wild. *Sad*

SNSD's opening outfit was a bit too "Rockettes" for me. *Sad*

Fashion aside, I enjoyed this concert... I really want another! Right now! >.<**

*I intentionally left off Kangta, SHINee and f(x).  I had nothing bad or good to say about their outfits. (Had a lot to say about their performances here.) No surprise that Kangta wore a suit and shaggy hair - I appreciated that he dressed like a big boy.  No surprise that NO ONE in SHINee or f(x) wore a fashion-forward outfit that's worth discussing.  All perfectly normal.

cr: me, pictures from SMTown Facebook

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