Sunday, October 16, 2011

@hellohello___ wins the SHINee Cheer Pack!

Congratulations to stephanie (twitter handle: @hellohello___) on winning the SHINee Cheer Pack designed by @sfinee!  Pick up your free cheer pack at SMTown Live in NYC this Sunday!!

I bought my cheer pack a few weeks ago, and I'm happy to give one cheer pack to a deserving SHAWOL!

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Here's the winning tweet:

stephanie (@):

" I love SHINee because they give me hope in everything from the seemingly ever-devolving kpop industry to finding the right guy. I had always listened to SHINee but I fell in love with them after my first experience with heartbreak; I felt like "너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic)" said everything I couldn't so perfectly. I also completely fell for Key who is always so unafraid to be himself and speaks so honestly, something you rarely see in the kpop industry. He's confident and adorable and just everything I would like to see in a guy, even if he is a diva (at least he owns up to it). The other members are all amazing and charming in their own ways too: Onew with his ever-present smile and awkwardly cute optimism, Jonghyun with the contrast between his beautiful voice and his cute puppy-dog expressions, Minho with his die-hard competitiveness and determination, and finally Taemin, one of the best dancers in kpop even though he's also one of the youngest. SHINee is just so inspirational and I've been dying for a chance to see them in concert. I always thought I'd have to go to Korea for it to happen but, miraculously, they're coming to me! I just wish I could meet them in person to thank them for giving me something to look forward to every time I turn on my iPod or go on YouTube. "너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic)" is still one of my favorites from them but now it's because I really appreciate the dedication they have to their music and to their Shawols. They sing live and give it their all and I love them that much more for it."

Here's the song Stephanie was referring to:
So moving!

There were a number of other great tweets about SHINee under #ILoveSHINeebecause - Looking forward to SMTown Live in NYC.  I'll be sitting in Section 118 - I hope to meet many awesome SHAWOLs!

Stay tuned for fancams, pics and a fashion spazz account of SMTown Live in NYC!!

In the spirit of looking forward to SMTown Live, here's SHINee's Ring Ding Dong!  Happy 2nd Anniversary to RDD's YouTube Upload... 27million+ views and counting...

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