Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SHINee Cheer Pack Competition!

To celebrate the 1st SMTown Live in NYC and the 2nd anniversary of  the upload on YouTube of SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, I'm giving away one free cheer pack from SHINee Forums International (SFI,, @sfinee) for SMTown Live in NYC! Send me a tweet or comment that completes this sentence: "I love SHINee because _________________"

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The winner will be announced on Twitter and at on Sunday, October 16 at 6pm (New York time).  The winner will be able to pick up their cheer pack at SMTown Live in NYC OR I will mail out the cheer pack to the winner on October 24, 2011, which is the day after SMTown Live in NYC.

Read the three easy steps below to know what to do.

Step 1: How to enter
You can enter the competition by either:

  • Sending me a tweet @JayNoonaYeppo (Feel free to use TwitLonger or send multiple tweets if your answer is really long)
  • Leaving me a comment below (If you need to write a lot of reasons why you love SHINee, definitely use the comment box below.  Feel free to send me links to your SHINee love Tumblr, or just write honestly about why you love our shinning SHINee.  Please let me know @JayNoonaYeppo that you've left a message!)
Step 2: Your tweet or comment should be:
  1. Original - Be honest about what you love about our boys and try not to just say what other people have said.  
  2. Clear - Please write in English, French or Korean (Hangul, not romanized please) (or Yoruba).  (Apologies, my language skills are limited.) I'd love to consider every language, but I'm just not that cool (yet)!
  3. Detailed - Be specific about WHO you love in SHINee or WHAT you love about SHINee AND tell me WHY you love that SHINee member or that SHINee song, or that SHINee "couple".
Step 3: How to increase your chance to win 
  • Ask your friends/followers and family to retweet your tweet 
  • Retweet other people's "I love SHINee because..." tweets -- this shows me you have a big heart, just like our SHINee boys 
  • Ask your friends/followers and family to comment on your message below and let me know more about why they believe you love SHINee.
  • Leave positive comment on other people's message, and please don't leave negative ones.  No exceptions.
Sample entry via Twitter or message in the comment section below. [This is not about me or anybody.  Just an example.]
"@JayNoonaYeppo I love SHINee because their music always puts me in a good mood.  Last week, I had a terrible day at school and I felt so sad when I went home.  Even my mom was mad at me.  I went to my room crying and suddenly, I turned on my iPod and SHINee's A-Yo was playing.  SHINee made me so happy right away, especially when Taemin says "IQ two jari (digits)".  I felt like they were talking to me.  I feel like such a lucky fan because SHINee's music always puts me in a good mood!)"


  1. I had send you a twit but just think of sharing my thought with everyone, so is it alright if i post the same thing here? ^^ If you think its not necessary, please kindly remove this.

    I love SHINee because they SHINee brighter than any star i know. They never fail to make my day. Just by looking at their performance, pictures or listening to their songs makes me happy. Its also good when i have problems, by thinking of them i feel that my burden is lessen or even disappear sometimes. Seeing them smiles in the performance made me smiling unknowingly. As for who i love in SHINee, I would say everyone, SHINee is the only band that i love all the members. But if i have to choose one, i would choose Jonghyun, I just love his smiles. Although everyone smiles beautifully, but I love Jonghyun's smile the most ^^. What i love about SHINee? normally i would say everything as there's nothing i dont like about them but since it have to be specific, I would like to say that i love SHINee for their characteristic. they are very nice to each other and cares for each other. They had been living together for more than 3 years now, yet they never quarrel. Thats simply amazing isn't it? They may argue or have different opinion but they always give in to each another. Besides that, they are very respectful towards SHINee World :>

    Anyway. Im from Singapore so i couldnt get the cheer pack but I would really like to have one which seems to be impossible because even shipping fee from NYC to Singapore is very expensive :<. Thank you for giving hope and its okay even if i dont win. At least i tried :) Also, thank you for your time, my post is realllly long. hehe. May you all have a nice day ^^

  2. I also like that SHINee members really care for each other. Thank you for leaving your comments here, cawaiixia. You can post as many times as you want. Good luck!