Saturday, October 22, 2011

SMTown Hot Army Invades NYC... Best & Worst Dressed - Airport Edition

In general, I'm proud and happy to say that almost everyone looked very nice at the airport...

I love SJ Yesung's baseball cap!  It's effortless and chic (plus, it'll hide his bedroom hair when he gets off the long flight...)

SJ Donghae's outfit rocks my NY world in so many ways.  Did he read up on NY before this trip? His almost-all-black ensemble is NYC gold! Black leather jacket with some hardware = hot, black pair of jeans = hot, black denim shirt = hotter, clean white shirt = hawt, aviators + baseball cap = hottest!  He is definitely the best dressed for the guys. (Those hightops with the white soles, seriously nice.  If he came to NYC intending to get laid, he should just walk around Times Square dressed like that, I'm sure he'll find many girls throwing themselves at him.)

Worst dressed for me was SJ-M Zhoumi.  How can you dress like that, huh?  Why did you take your dongsaeng's fedora, huh? NYC is not pimps-anonymous! Also, love your hair by the way, so shiny and healthy.  Plus you have a great colorist.  And those sunglasses have the perfect tint.  But the denim suit makes Zhoumi look much older than he is and is just not fashion-forward.  He seems like an ahjusshi next to the other SM artists.  I have to call a spade a spade.

TVXQ/HoMin's airport fashion is commendable.  As spokespersons for Lacoste, they have done a great job of wearing casual clothes well - not that this is difficult to do for two good looking guys, but in any case, kudos.

[Joghi-ha, excuse me, ladies, I think I notice a bit of peach-fuzz on U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin... Nice-ish.  I can get used to facial hair on these guys!]

Yunho really looks nice in this picture - great haircut and nice jacket, great pair of jeans that fit properly and nice clean converse... I'm so proud right now. [Caveat: I'm not a huge fan of logos, so the Lacoste logo on his jacket is making me cringe.  But in this case, he's a walking billboard for Lacoste, so it's kind of expected.]  Yunho is probably my best-dressed nerdy guy on this trip.  He was smiling in nearly every picture that I saw... I guess he's happy to be coming back to see his crazy NYC fans! Haha - that Lacoste appearance was no joke.  I hope he escaped unscathed.

Changmin-ah.  It looks like the evil K-Pop perm struck again along with some tints of honey blonde and the length of his hair is really all wrong.  *Cries* Wae? Why? Who did this to our handsome Changmin? No harm done. Yet.  He's just at the airport and he's allowed to look like he just rolled out of bed.  Coordi-noonas, please fix his hair in time for the concert.  TIA.  I do love his red striped shirt and red sweater.  Ottoke, I almost made you my worst airport look!  You're lucky that Zhoumi was there!! Aish.... 

The SNSD ladies all look great - for the most part.  They seem to be rocking a boho-chic look with chunky sweaters and knits that are perfect for the cool fall weather we're having in NYC.

Funny, this picture contains my best and worst dressed for airport attire for today!  Can you guess who I thought was the best dressed? And worst?

Hyoyeon can dance.  But her airport attire needs some work.  While she's showing some leg, she looks too much like a little kid.  There's nothing special about the skirt unfortunately and it really throws off her look.  I am also not a fan of the blonde hair on her.  I love her taste in shoes though and that sweatshirt is very practical, plus from what I see of her handbag she seems to have an eye for good fall bags, but her very short skirt with a casual sweatshirt makes her look short and child-like.  I had to pick Hyoyeon as my worst dressed for airport wear today.

Maknae Seohyun is really making me happy in her I'm-not-trying-too-hard airport wear!  She combines a knit skirt that hits at mid-calf and wears an over-sized sweater with it.  Her tan lace-up boots are so fall appropriate that I would steal them from her closet, if she ever let me in.  Her handbag combines some hardware on the strap and has both leather and fabric.  Her sunglasses pull the look together with clean sharp lines.  She's the best dressed because she'll be comfortable during the long flight and she still paid homage to many fall trends.  I'm so proud of her relaxed boho-chic look!  (I liked Jessica's outfit as well, but  the floppy hat made it too obvious that she planned her outfit systematically.  Not as effortless as Seohyun.)

cr: SMTown Facebook; Newsen; allkpop

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