Wednesday, October 12, 2011

TVXQ (U-Know and Max) in Ray Magazine! (And Fashion Tips for Fall!)

There's really not much to say about these pictures aside from the fact that these are very handsome men and looking at pictures of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin in tank tops and business casual attire will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. (As expected from these Lacoste spokespersons/models...)

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On the business casual front, gentlemen please take note:  A nice blazer, a nice leather jacket and grey wool pants can be combined in many ways for great fall wear.

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Two very cute Korean actors were also featured in Ray magazine for their role in the 2010 KBS drama Break, Love and Dreams:  Yoon Siyoon and Joowon.  (Random thought: Joowon on the left looks like Micky Yuchun to me.) Their dress shirts remind me of two brands that carry very well made dress shirts for men: Thomas Pink and T.M. Lewin.  These two design houses also carry dress shirts for women. I live in these dress shirts, and they will last for many years.  A favorite of mine for dress shirts for women is also Ralph Lauren.  Every adult needs at least one blue, one white, one pink, one blue and one striped (any colors) dress shirt.

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Dreamy...  I love that shirt.

I also saw this very cute design for heels.  The bow in the back of the heel really does add something special to the heels!

My favorite are these from Christian Louboutin - a bit steep at 695USD...
Similar style with a more affordable price tag are these Pour La Victoire for 119.20USD from Zappos! (And PLV is very comfortable!  I have three pairs of heels from PLV that I adore and that I'm able to wear all day at the office.)

 Random note: I love Vampire Diaries (and Twilight, Harry Potter, and anything else that has anything to do with vampires or supernatural beings).  There's an article in the November issue of Ray about Vampire Diaries!

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I think I may actually have to subscribe to Ray magazine!  The November issue had so much to love!! (Click for the FT Island in Ray magazine - Yes FT Island and SHINee's Onew were in this issue too!!!)

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