Monday, November 21, 2011

CIGI: JYJ's Outdooring Look

So I posted a video of JYJ's photoshoot for ELLE Magazine... The guys looked very masculine and camping ready in their chunky knits.  They actually look a bit older in these pictures and their boyish appearance seems to be long gone. Yay to manhood!

Some of you may be wondering "Can I Get It?" For a reasonable price, you can get the lumberjack look from stores like: L.L.Bean, Abercrombie & Fitch and my personal favorites, J.Crew and Ralph Lauren.  If you're a guy, think of the list below as your Christmas wishlist and if you're shopping for a guy this Christmas, please purchase from the stores mentioned below instead of knitting a sweater on your own (ahjumma)!

Irish Fisherman's Sweater, Button-Mock
Irish Fisherman Sweater retails for 149USD 

Abercrombie & Fitch
Wallface Mountain
Wallface Mountain for 250USD, and the A&F skinny jeans which retail for 120USD

The A&F Skinny Selvedge

J. Crew

Somehow, J. Crew manages to make a potentially horrific holiday sweater look manly:

Lambswool Fair Isle sweater in navy
I have no idea how they do this! But in lambswool and at 98USD, this sweater is a great buy for the fall and winter.

For something a bit more casual, but still trendy from the J. Crew collection, this hooded cashmere sweater may be just the ticket (298USD).

Cashmere hoodie

For a slightly more mature casual look try this shawl neck sweater at 148USD:

Lambswool dotted shawl-collar cardigan

And for those looking for a more affordable price tag, the lambswool shawl neck sweater below at 72.50USD may be perfect

Lambswool shawl-collar sweater

This fall/winter, I visualize myself hugging someone wearing a nice warm sweater... *snuggle*

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