Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[MAMAs] Favorites, Awards and Shenanigans

The MAMAs are over! (And I slept right through them O_O... I have no words to express how... WELL RESTED I am!)

It seems I missed a lot of shenanigans, but I love how the YouTube family always keeps me informed (credits to the uploaders/recorders/creators of each YouTube video posted below). There are tons of MAMA videos up already.

First, the most talented group from 2011, Aziatix... looking dapper (so proud of these guys!)  Cleaned up nicely fellas...

And their talent is not to be ignored...

I saw their concert in NYC live and they are super talented - Here's a clip of Flowsik killing a cover of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now"... *Bows*

At the MAMAs, Aziatix won an award for Best New Asian Artist Group!  Loved their speech... Thanking God, their families and Aziaddicts!  2011 has been a great year for Aziatix and Aziaddicts!!

If you don't already love them, you should!

BEAST was a beast... Their performance was orgasmic. So good. I can't even express how good they were, so just take a look and judge for yourself (the clip includes a teaser performance by 4Minute's Hyuna and Beast's Hyunseung of their sub-group Troublemaker). The trolls are already gathering on YouTube...

Big congrats to BEAST on their award for Best Dance Performance (Male Group)! 

They were definitely best dressed with their cute bow ties, velvet tuxes... nice! I can't emphasize enough how important the fit (especially lengthwise) of their pants were to completing this outfit.  The jackets were tailored so well... They looked perfect in every picture.  No critique from me.  I'll even forgive that they were a bit too coordinated... ^.^

Super Junior will always have a special place in my heart...

And they took home three awards ^.^! Yay...

1. Album of the Year (Mr. Simple)

(English version)

2. Best Male Group

3. Singapore Choice Award

Their 100 men performance was certainly something, but they weren't as crisp as they usually are... :x

Also congrats to 2NE1 Best Group Vocal Performance and Song of the Year! You ladies make me proud to be a fierce-take-shit-from-nobody chick... See you in NYC!

1. Best Vocal Performance (Group)
2. Song of the Year

Complete list of winners (cr: JPopAsia.com)
Album of the Year
Super Junior - Mr. Simple

Artist of the Year
Girls' Generation

Song of the Year
2NE1 - I Am The Best

Best Music Video
Big Bang - Tonight

Best OST Song
Baek Ji Young - That Woman

Best Vocal Performance (Group)
2NE1 "Lonely"

Best Vocal Performance (Solo)

Best Rap Performance

Best Band Performance

Best New Female Artist
A Pink

Best New Male Artist
Huh Gak

Best Male Group
Super Junior

Best Male Artist
Kim Hyun Joong

Best Female Group
Girls' Generation

Best Female Artist
Baek Ji Young

Best Dance Performance (Female Group)
miss A

Best Dance Performance (Male Group)

Best Dance Solo Performance
4minute's Hyuna

Best Style In Music
Seo In Young

Best Artist: China
Jang Zhang

Best New Asian Artist

Hottest Asian Artist: Japan
Koda Kumi

Best Asian Solo Artist: China
Wei Chen

Specialized Award

Singapore's Choice
Super Junior

Congrats to everyone!

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