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Vivian Hsu and Han Geng at the New York Chinese Film Festival 2011: Great Fashion and Film!

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On Friday, November 11, 2011, the New York Chinese Film Festival concluded in New York City with an Awards Reception Ceremony at the stately Capitale NY.  The NYCFF, co-organized by the CCTV Movie Channel and the Chinese American Arts Council, was held from November 8-11 and included limited screenings of several Chinese blockbusters, including Sleepless Fashion with Vivian Hsu (who received "The Most Outstanding Asian Artists Award") and My Kindom with Han Geng (who received "The Most Popular Asian Artist Award").

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo
As the New York Correspondent for, I attended the NYCFF to interview Han Geng. For more on Han Geng's one-on-one interview with me, follow @AKPF and visit  AKPF will be posting exclusive pictures, video and interview details from my conversation with Han Geng (including our conversation in English over dinner).  Many thanks to Jennie, an AKPFer, who took so many of the pictures at the Awards Reception Ceremony.

As a fashionista, I adored Vivian Hsu's attire and her personality.  She was definitely best-dressed female.  She is animated, laid-back and gorgeous!

During her meeting with her fans, she wore a dress by a Japanese designer and YSL pumps in bronze. And she looked flawless.

Maggie, Vivian Hsu, fans
cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

Maggie, Vivian Hsu, Belle
cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo

cr: @JayNoonaYeppo
Because her fans had been waiting to see her for several hours, she took a picture with each person, without reservation.  Her team, including Belle, were very professional and I was so impressed.

At the Awards Reception Ceremony, Vivian stunned us all again in a gorgeous one shoulder David Meister floor length gown.

She won "The Most Outstanding Asian Artists Award" at the NYCFF.

As we spoke, she mentioned that she really enjoyed spending some time in New York this week and arrived a few days before the NYCFF to avoid jetlag.  Arriving early also gave her a chance to watch Spider Man on Broadway! She mentioned that she discovered that the best way to watch Spider Man on Broadway was to sit at the balcony because Spider Man flies so close to you in many scenes.

She looked absolutely gorgeous and sent a message to her fans!

She currently has a number of movies in production, including her first comedy, and she is hopeful to work on more action movies in the future!

I also had a chance to speak with Han Geng's boss, an executive who runs a conglomerate which includes movie sponsorship and music competitions.  She was very gracious and spoke highly of Han Geng.  Her company ran a show called "Super Girl" which was similar to American Idol in 2005-2006.

Han Geng wearing custom made apparel from his own label (I'd love to buy from his exclusive collection...)
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Han Geng and one of his best friends, Sun Le
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Special thanks to AKPF founders Kristin and Kim for trusting me and Jennie an AKPFer who took so many of the NYCFF pictures.  Kim, Kristin and Jennie, I'm taking you out for Norebang and BBQ on me, when next you're in NYC.  I love you, ladies!  K&K, your K-Pop Masters coverage is going to be epic!!

I am forever grateful to Renee Burke, Min Fan and Lucia Qiu who managed the event logistically and were available to answer all of my crazy questions. The team of volunteers and staffers made this NYCFF a success! Also thanks to Min, Marilyn Zhu from Vivaki and Maggie from World Film Report, for translating for me.  And Maggie and Julia Wang for interviewing me for CCTV.

Final thanks to Carolyn Li Liu for providing me with a much needed history conversation (and a new friend!), and Carmella McDonald for making me laugh. Let's catch up before NYCFF 2012!

I appreciate Vivian Hsu, Sun Le and Han Geng who allowed me to spend time talking with them.  They are consummate professionals, and I hope to have the privilege to talk with them again soon.

Renee Burke

Alexander McQueen scarf, Rebecca Minkoff dress, Versace shoes

Gorgeous bag

Loved the halter Herve Leger

Creative dress;


Extra special thanks to my girlfriend @MegIpsaLoquitur for hanging out with me after the Awards Reception Ceremony!  We had a ball taking glamour shots...

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For those curious about the Rebecca Minkoff dress (sans McQueen scarf...)

cr: HubbyO

cr: HubbyO

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