Thursday, December 8, 2011

[Ep 2 Studio C] 내 인생을 제기랄 with 4Minute

I was feeling a little emo today... I cry maybe three times a year, if that, and I totally cried today. WTF. Ugh. Please don't laugh. It's pretty rare for me.  Anyways... (Yes, English police, the "s" at the end of that was f*ing intentional! Give me a damn break... Please don't judge me today, I'm seriously on edge '>.>) I decided I was going to look for something to cheer myself up and thankfully I found this past Sunday's episode of Studio C!

In this episode, Gayun and Sohyeon of 4Minute (the group which includes the racy youngin HyunA) were in-studio special guests. Side note: looks like Zico's name is now permanently "monkey boy Zico"...trollol!  Also props on the improvements on the English subs!  I only found a handful of grammatical and spelling errors in this episode.  So proud! The guys are dressed a bit more casually in this episode, which is fits the model of their "laid-back & ridiculously funny" MCs concept.

During the intro, the Sangchu, Shorry J and Zico talk about their bad habits, and the funniest part to me was when Sangchu said his bad habit is getting girls' numbers.  LMAO! I don't think that's considered a bad habit, but it's funny to hear them talk about it.

OMG, I felt so sad when they mentioned one of their viewers felt as though her life was over and the viewer is only 17 years old. She is still in high school for crying out loud.  My biggest concern in high school was who I was going to take me to homecoming and how in the world my incredibly tall varsity basketball playing boyfriend was dating me and not some hot cheerleader.  (Yea, I know. Not very profound...) I really hope the viewer was just joking, because that statement: 내 인생을 제기랄 (rom: nae insaeng-eul jegilal || eng: damn my life) is super pessimistic!  Even the guys were trying to give her words of encouragement (in the midst of all their sillyness).

It's so funny how male K-pop idols get pumped up by two things, without fail: food and girls.  These guys act like they've never hung out with any girls before! And what is with Korea's love for LMFAO? Everybody is shufflin' in Korea now apparently, or drinking shots... haha...At this point the ladies of 4Minute Gayun and Sohyeon are dying of laughter are dying of laughter AND Zico's used a bad word that had to be bleeped... #AnotherReasonToLoveHim Idk why but everytime Sangchu says "Don't be shy" I start laughing... His English is precious.

And for some reason, Sangchu's laugh reminds me of MBLAQ leader Seungho's laugh... #TheGrownAssManLaughIsAwesome

Enjoy the last two parts of Episode 2....

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