Thursday, December 1, 2011

[New Show Review] Studio C: Big Bang and Zico at the EMAs

So... y'all may already know that I have a soft spot for rappers, and since SBS & MTV (and Cyworld?) have started a funny TV/radio show starring Might Mouth's SangChu and Shorry J, along with Block B's Zico, I think I've found my new addiction: Studio C. The new show airs on SBS every Sunday at noon KST (and they have a Twitter account: @Studio_c_twit)!

If you don't know Zico already, well ya should...

Just saw the first episode today, which follows Zico's visit to Belfast for the EMAs and Big Bang's huge win in the Worldwide Act category, and I didn't expect too much from Studio C, but these guys are actually really funny together.  AND because the Studio C episodes are intended for a global audience, they are fully subbed in English! :O Revolutionary stuff... (Plus their coordi noonas are awesome.  Their suits were a little tight, but damn, I prefer that to super baggy - at least on screen ^.^)

Since Studio C is a new show, they are eager to connect with fans and have a page on Cyworld where you can ask them questions live during the show.  Wait... Did SBS and MTV fall and bump their corporate heads? How can they let these three (talented) lunatics talk to fans in real time?  Studio heads should know these three can't keep their crazy ass energy under control. I guess that means more fun for the rest of us... ^.^

[Sidenote: Dear Cyworld, if you need English editors, please get in touch with native English speakers ASAP. Your grammatical and spelling errors are egregious and embarrassing. Seriously.  Fans will correct your mistakes for free, so please get in touch.]

For the record, I hope Studio C is a huge hit! (With Sangchu calling Shorry J "ladies first" and Zico "monkey boy," I think they have something great on their hands. Lolz.)

Enjoy the first episode below... (The one thing they might be missing is a live studio audience... )

Um... I agree with Shorry J, SangChu should keep his shades on at all times!

And I don't think Zico is lying about not having a girlfriend... He has *many* girlfriends! Haha... Boys will be badasses... Btw, this looks like the most fun norebang session ever! Imagine if they had alcohol O_O Oh.Em.Gee! I need some soju and norebang in my life right now....

LOL... Mighty Mouth's jealousy over VJ Supasize and Zico's trip to Belfast and the EMAs is soooo funny! I love that this clip includes Supasize and Zico talking to fans on the streets of Belfast! Cute...

Finally, the Big Bang red carpet interview... According to Taeyang, their fashion concept is "Big Bang" - I definitely see it. Not too coordinated, which is awesome.  Each guy has his own swagger... (Seungri was so happy to meet people speaking Korean, haha!)  It's still awesome to watch Big Bang win the EMA for Worldwide Act... Forever awesome.

Now, the Big Bang backstage interview... Katy Perry is really getting an education in K-Pop this year. First in NYC when SMTown Live was here.  I see collabs in her future.

I love the end when Sangchu announces next week's guest will be none other than the bitches of 4Minute! Their faces light up, as expected. After today's release of Troublemaker with 4Minute's HyunA and BEAST's Hyunseung, the guys have a lot to look forward to!

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