Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Break

I've been going through some serious shit lately and had taken some time off from blogging for a while now...but now I'm back :)

It'll be different though. I'm no longer holding back. After what I've been through, I'm definitely coming at blogging 100% me from now on. RIP to the old Jay...

I'll be blogging on k-pop, j-pop and c-pop related fashion news at! I'll also be updating my Facebook (Jay NoonaYeppo), Twitter (@jaynoonayeppo) and Instagram (jaynoonayeppo) accounts with fashion tips, fun shit to do in (and outside of *wink*) NYC and awesome outfits that I find as I hang out this summer.

Hope to see y'all around as I enjoy this summer! Tons of funnnnnnn waiting for us out there. You coming?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Soccer Break: Ji Dong-won (지동원)

I'm a huge soccer fan... I even created a blog for soccer hunks. Hehe. I was watching this weekend's English Premiere League match between Sunderland and Manchester City.

The winner was scored during injury time by 20 year old South Korean striker, Ji Dong-won (지동원).

He's kind of cute...

 I'm a Manchester City fan, but check out how Dong-won scored that beautiful goal... despite the calls for offside, the goal is a beauty.