Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've been secretly admiring dreadlocs for years now, and it finally hit me last year, when I returned to wearing my hair in its natural state, that I want to loc my hair.

A few years ago, I spoke with a few locticians in the area, but I was just toying with the idea of locs.  I still felt locs would be limiting in some way, so I was not ready. 

Now I see locs can actually provide a lot of freedom and flexibility.  Locs can be styled, colored, and even combed out (patiently) if at any point I decide that I'm done.

I decided my locs will be this size: 

(But my loctician, Kim says that this is more like Sisterlocs, and I'd rather not get into it in this post, but let's just say I don't think I'd fit in to the Sisterloc community.  We decided then to go with small dreads, like this:)

this color:

and this length:

This loc experience is my journey, and I'm choosing to start with loc extensions (and potentially skip the awkward baby loc stage).

I've made an early February appointment for loc extensions with Kim at Nubian Kinks in Brooklyn.  Yes, I will go to BK for my hair.... I'll also go to BK for:
  1. Nigerian food at Buka
  2. Volunteer dog walking at BARC Shelter
  3. Close friends who are crazy enough to live in BK...
I plan to keep my loc extensions permanently, but I need to learn how to care for locs.  Honestly, I don't think my regimen of daily moisturizing and weekly wash and condition will change. 

I would also love to learn from some loc gurus.  I think the only loc gurus I know of are: Chesca.  Isn't she gorgeous?

And more recently, Jasmine Rose.  She seems so genuine and I love her locs.

I've been obsessing a bit, so I've sent my loctician, Kim, tons of texts and called her twice already... I'm not really good at letting go and enjoying any experience unless I know the outcome. I'm working on that!

So there you have it, locs are the next step in this Kinky Chic Experience.  Do you know any other loc'd folks who can inspire and inform? Let me know ;)

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