Thursday, March 27, 2014

Should I Dye My Locs?

Yes, I know, my locs are already sporting an ombre with three different colors, but I need something new again :P  Look at the blonde streak (or section?) in the picture above.  Wouldn't I look great with a nice huge blonde streak?!?!?!?

Look at that color! I love the blonde with red for the summer. It looks so vibrant (like me).

Right now my locs are dark brown, light brown and blonde (at the tips), but I think red would add some warmth! I love the idea of introducing red to my locs. "Red. The blood of angry men..." (I watched Les Miserables on Broadway a few weeks ago and all the songs are still stuck in my head!)

I love the color work above and how the color is more concentrated and bright at the front of her head and darker at the back of her head.

Yep, I'm just itching to try something new again.  Don't judge me ;)

Kinky Chic

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